How To Stop User Spam Registrations In WordPress

How To Stop User Spam Registrations In WordPress

No Plugins Needed

» What are user spam registrations?

These user spam registrations are registered just to promote their services in a shitty way. Most of the registrations are made by the spam bots. Here is an example of spam registration ↓↓

Username : meet anna

Email : [email protected]

Almost all the spammers register into your site using these links





» How to stop spam registrations through wordpress signup

This is a simple way to stop spam bots, No need of any plugins.

Login to your wordpress site then Go to » Dashboad » Settings » General

Make sure that anyone can register is unchecked, Now no spam bots can register through your wordpress login.

Check these urls to make sure its working




Now wordpress will not allow any user registrations.

This does not effect your user registrations in your website

Example : If you have an e-commerce website just like hashtag8887 where customer needs to register to place orders and shop. If you uncheck membership it only effects wordpress registrations but not customer registrations in your website.


» What if user spam registrations are done through your website (woocommerce)

To stop registrations which are registered through your website

Login to wordpress dashboard Go to » Woocommerce » Settings » Accounts & Privacy


In accounts & privacy check when creating an account,automatically generate a username from customer’s email address.

Now if a spammer wants to register, They can only provide email which will be definitely a fake one and cannot share links as there is no username column.

There is no use for spammers to register if they cannot add a link, Now they will register maybe to buy your services.

Comment your way of making your wordpress site spam free.



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