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My name is Mukesh, I am a 2D graphic designer. I have been learning and working as a graphic designer for almost a year. All my designs are flat or 2D. I can design Logos, Posters, Patterns and all kind of 2D designs.
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Best place to buy affordable leather jackets online

No apparel makes you look and feel bad-ass like a great leather jacket Now why are leather jackets more popular even the prices are too high? A jacket pops out with it’s leather touch and stylish design compared to other fashionable apparel. When it comes to leather jackets the prices are way too crazy, A […]

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How To Stop User Spam Registrations In WordPress

How To Stop User Spam Registrations In WordPress No Plugins Needed » What are user spam registrations? These user spam registrations are registered just to promote their services in a shitty way. Most of the registrations are made by the spam bots. Here is an example of spam registration ↓↓ Username : meet anna […]

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